Taking a look at the governor's plan to fix New York State

1. We need to clean up Albany and restore integrity.

2. We need to get the economy running and create jobs.

3. We need to stop government overspending and overtaxing.

He got my attention.

I was hooked for the duration but still very suspicious. He went on to say HE was going to shake up the Albany establishment and, despite the attacks he knew would come his way, HE tells me HE is up to the task at hand. Next he tells me New York state law automatically forces the budget to increase by 13 percent each year, which is six times the rate of inflation. And what's worst, we spend far more than other states and get far less in return.

The governor highlights two examples: 1. New York is No. 1 in education spending yet rank 34th in performance.

2. New York is No. 1 in Medicaid spending but ranks 21st in performance.

He blames these conditions on our state working for the special interest groups and lobbyists instead of working for the people. And what's really a surprise, he tells me this isn't happening on just one side of the aisle but equally affects both Democrats and Republicans.

While the people and businesses of New York have been forced to deal with the realities of the economic collapse, our government hasn't adjusted to these new economic times.

As I wait for the shoe to drop, he tells me he will cut his office's budget by 10 percent, 5 percent upon taking office and 5 percent more in this coming budget. He intends to eliminate waste and duplication and cut the size of government. And, while other governors have given in to special interests, he assures me he will not be intimidated, will not back down and HE will get this job done.

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