Taking a look at the governor's plan to fix New York State

Unfortunately, the snow we had on Wednesday forced the lieutenant governor to postpone our get together until a later date.

Over the years, and especially the last few years, I've become very suspicious of our elected officials and those who aspire to those positions. So when they come knocking, I now tend to get worried about their intentions. Unfortunately, the older you get the less trusting you become ... like parts of your body that start sagging or the hair that keeps falling out. There's not much you can do to prevent it. It's just part of the aging process.

While they all say they are public servants, time and time again we discover, all too often after the fact, that they were really self-serving servants.

Thus was the case recently when our Assembly Representatives Sayword and Duprey opted to take early retirement one day and resumed their elected duties the next. Oh, I'm sure they had plenty of sound reasons for their actions. Bottom line, my state is financially broke and their actions did more for them personally then it did for me and my fellow taxpayers. Tell me how their actions helped me and not themselves?

But back to the governor's email. He asked me (and I'm sure many others) to listen to his 5-minute prepared speech asking for my help. My first thought was, "Here we go again." Times are really tough; I and all New Yorkers will need to ante up to help Cuomo solve the problems he said he could solve if we gave him the opportunity to go to Albany as our chief executive.

As I debated with my fingers on the mouse, left button I listen, right button I delete ... I thought to myself, "What do I have to lose?" It's only a recorded message, and I could practice giving him a piece of my mind. The governor started by thanking me for electing him, and I began reaching for the right mouse button. Then he said three things I could not disagree with:

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