Hamster - tekky's best friend

Looking for an easy-to-use video converter, perhaps something that will take a DVD vob file and convert it for iPod or Zune use? One easy-to-use and completely free application is called the Hamster Free Video Converter.

Hamster converts nearly any video format to another format for almost any modern device. Not only will it convert to the other formats, it makes the conversion quite easy. What makes it easy is how Hamster allows selection of the conversion format by simply choosing the device the converted video will be viewed on. The application works with Windows and allows drag-n-drop operation within a wizard-like environment.

To get started, first visit them on the Web at hamstersoft.com and download the program. I usually download to the desktop so I remember to delete the executable installation file afterward. Once the program is downloaded, double-click it to start the installation. Follow through the steps and make the choices desired. The program is free but, like many free programs, it will want to do things like install a toolbar, change your search provider, or add a desktop shortcut during the installation. By taking the time to review each screen, users can select desired choices and prevent most or all of those little annoying system changes.

After installation, start the program and add a video file to be converted by either dragging the file or clicking the big button on the number one tab and browsing to the file. Then select tab two and either selecting the desired format or the device the converted video is intended to be used on. Select the third tab and click the convert button. After the conversion is complete connect the device, transfer the converted video, and verify the conversion was successful.

Ron Poland is a professor in the Computer Information Systems AAS program at Clinton Community College. Poland is certified in computer repair and networking by the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). He is also a Cisco certified network assistant. Questions may be sent to him via e-mail at ron@ronpoland.com.

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