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American aviator splashes down

J.A.D. McCurdy, the American aviator who attempted to fly from Key West, Fla. to Havana, Cuba in an aeroplane, dropped into the sea in plain sight of Havana harbor, 10 miles from the town and six miles off the coast. His supply of lubricating oil had become exhausted necessitating his descent. A wind which blew six or seven miles an hour retarded the flight of the machine causing the exhaustion of the supply of oil.

When McCurdy landed on the surface of the sea he retained his seat. He was picked up by the crew of the U.S. torpedo boat destroyer, Terry. President Gomez of Cuba was on board the boat to shake McCurdy's hand in congratulations.

Cottage colony attracts Bohemians

On the southern slope of Spruce Mountain, six miles north of Warrensburgh, is Kellum Pond where in the good old summer time is gathered a cottage colony made up of some of the choicest spirits of Bohemia, unique figures of world-wide renown who dwell in harmony.

Among the first colonists to discover Kellum Pond were Mr. and Mrs. Lester Ralph. The gentleman has attained more than average success as an artist while his talented wife has won, before her marriage, considerable fame as a newspaper woman.

Mrs. Ralph, the former Miss Elsie Reasener, was not here last summer because she was in London where she is rapidly winning a place among the finest sculptors in the world.

(Note ..."Bohemian" was a term used to denote a gypsy, a person of artistic tastes who lives in an unconventional manner. Elsie Ralph must have been to Warrensburgh what artist Georgia O'Keeffe was later in the 1920's to Lake George. Warrensburgh was also the home of M.J. Fitzpatrick, a famous veteran actor and vaudeville artist. "Fitz" toured the country from Maine to California and played on the stages of the leading theatres of the principal cities.)

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