Athol-Thurman 2-5-11

Traditional Jack Wax fest needs volunteers

The Jack Wax Party will be here very soon. This old-fashioned Thurman event, a beloved tradition in the region, annually brings many people out to enjoy the socializing, the large selection of dishes and the dessert of Jackwax, or "sugar on snow" for dessert. All residents bring in food items to help this benefit, which is a fundraiser to fight cancer. This year we need helpers to assist in planning and carrying out this event, planned to occur March 12. Will you help? Call Evie Russell at 623-2580.

Local emergency squad responding again

The Thurman Emergency Squad is once again the town's designated responders. Everything was signed and back in place at about noon Jan. 26. The year-round folks of the town are very much relieved, but won't forget the scare they went through for about two months of not knowing who they could call. The squad would like more folks volunteering to help out in this needed endeavor. Call 623-4254 and let them know if you can spare an hour or two per week.

Over the fence

Hungry and cold invaders are in the local community! Stray kittens and cats have been crawling into buildings, sheds and under porches trying to survive the severe cold temperatures - up to 30 below zero. They are so hungry that a crust of bread looks good? Folks have made numerous calls asking for help from shelters, pet hospitals, etc. but nothing is being done and it has been over a month. Any ideas?

Did we vote on the state buying yet more Adirondack land - 87,000 acres at a cost of $30 million? I don't remember it being a referendum on the November ballot? Or isn't that necessary anymore?

For all of you who call and ask for an occasional weather report for our area, the morning of Jan. 24 temperatures dropped, ranging from minus 25 to minus 29 with a few reports minus 18 or so! We have lots of snow on the ground - about 18 to 24 inches so far, with more storms in the forecast.

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