Sanders visits Poultney High School

PHS had an unexpected guest speaker join a mixed group of 7-12th graders. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I) popped in Wed., Jan. 19, from 10:45 to 11:30. Social studies teachers Liz LeBrun, Janet Chandler, and Jim Kelley hosted the Senator who discussed the role of government, health care, cost of college, education, energy, and the state of the economy with the students.

The lively give and take conversation had the students exchanging ideas on how the middle class is shrinking and why, how jobs are being outsourced, how most things are made in China, the high cost of college, whether or not all should receive health care, and the issue of the wealthy not being taxed as much as others.

When the senator asked, "How much did it cost you to walk in the door of the school today? Let's see-you have energy, equipment, heat, and so on. How did you get that?" Seventh grader, Ben Seamans, who entertained the crowd on more than one occasion, yelled out, "My mom and dad sent a check for taxes."

The senator emphasized that he is concerned about the future and that is why he visits schools to make sure students exercise their democratic rights. Senior Jenise Lemon discussed the topic of our shrinking middle class and said that it is difficult for the middle class to afford college. All agreed that if students could not afford to attend college, the U.S. would not be able to compete with other countries. Junior Justin Mackey made a valid point when he said that if everyone were treated equally, then all could get a college degree despite which social class they were in. He said, "We should educate the poor because we're missing out on great minds." David Capman Dedication/Retirement

After 32 years of coaching varsity basketball, David Capman has retired but will continue coaching football. A ceremony took place at the Jan. 7 game, and the faculty and students kept it a secret. When David was called to the center of the court at halftime, he was surprised to learn that the court had been dedicated in his honor and named Capman Court. Congratulations, David! Your dedication and diligent work surely paid off!

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