Turning Back The Pages

Chicken were selling for $1 per head at Christmas and were all snapped up for that price. Richard Combs has sold his farm at Cat’s Corners to Nelson Combs. (Note: Cat’s or Katz’s Corners is in Warrensburgh, just this side of the Thurman Bridge.)

While rolling logs at A.C. Emerson & Company’s mill on the afternoon of Jan. 9, 1912, Thomas Woodward slipped and fell, breaking one of the bones in his left forearm. Dr. Griffin was called to reduce the fracture.

Michael O’Brien of Hudson Falls has announced the engagement of his daughter, Helen C. O’Brien to Scott B. Smith of Warrensburgh. (Note: For many years Scott B. Smith was a well-known and respected insurance man in Warrensburgh,)

The mica mine in Darrowsville, North Warrensburgh is turning out a fine grade of mineral. Roscoe Stone is employed in John G. Hunt’s hardware store. (Note: The store was in the north end of today’s Marco Polo Pizza shop.)

Craig Wood of New York City is entertaining Hart Joseph, Milon N. Eldridge. Berry W. Woodward, J.P. Gabel and E.C. Austin at the Viele Pond Club. (Note: This club was on the top of Harrington Hill.)

Thought for the day: The Warrensburgh News started publication Jan. 30, 1878 to become the second oldest newspaper in Warren County. The Glens Falls Messenger, a weekly paper very similar began first when it started publication in 1855. Now, of course, the Adirondack Journal incorporates the Warrensburgh News, as it has since the mid-1990s.

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