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Adirondack manhunt for murderer

Edward Donato, the missing Italian farmhand who is wanted for the murder of the Morner family near Rensselaer last month, is believed to be making his way through the Adirondacks to Canada. An Italian, whose description is similar to the description of Donato, left the Utica train at Tupper Lake Dec. 28, 1911 and was seen to leave the town on foot taking the road leading over Mt. Steward which is seldom traveled in the winter. He is described by those who have seen him as having “a hunted look.”

The Utica police were notified and some officers arrived and took the trail. It is believed that the man may stop at Mineville where there are about 150 Italians employed at the Sherman foundry and that place is being closely watched.

Seer predicts bad times ahead

The coming of a new year brings changes of more or less importance with the social, political and financial world.

According to a Paris fortune teller, we are in for a tough time during 1912. This “pythoness” declares that “a hard winter is ahead, a sullen spring -time, a heavy summer and a bitter fall.” Also “nations will be upheaved, a great European war is to be fought, the high cost of living is to go higher, Paris will probably topple in ruins, babies will not have enough milk and Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany will lose his crown. We’re not going to worry about it! (Note…Looking back at history, this female soothsayer was not far wrong. In 1912 the world was on the verge of disaster, just as we are today. World War I, “the great war,” started when on June 28, 1914 Archduke Francis Ferdinand, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, was gunned down and killed. It was an ugly war with the use of poison gas which continued on until 1918 when Kaiser Wilheim II, who had ruled Germany since 1888, did indeed lose his crown when he suffered enforced abdication. History seems to just repeat itself — same story, just different names and places. Warrensburgh News Editor John Tubbs was right when he wrote that it did no good to worry about it.)

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