Thanks to officers

To the Valley News:

As we enjoy the holiday season with family and friends, let us also take time to remember those who serve and protect and are at work over the holidays.

We will be sitting down to dinner, opening presents, traveling to parties or just relaxing in front of a fire with family but these men and women are at work patrolling the highways, working in the correctional facilities, plowing the roads, sitting at some distant post in a foreign land or on the seas guaranteeing that we have the freedom and the safety to enjoy our time off.

Yes, these men and women made that choice. They voluntarily took these jobs and put themselves in these positions. And while the real reasons for those choices lies deep within each one, the common denominator is the compelling need to “protect and to serve” their fellow citizens.

We tend to take our freedoms for granted, but the real reason we enjoy these freedoms are the men and women who forsake personal things to work and do their very best to be sure you have the safety and protection that we have come to expect in this great country.

If you happen to run into one of these selfless civil servants over the holidays or anytime, please take a moment and to say “thank you”. They don’t ask for much, they don’t expect much, but a small thing like a simple thank you will certainly make their day.

In this holy season, may God bless and watch over each and every one and bring them home safely at the end of their shift.

Richard Cutting

Essex County Sheriff

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