Let 2012 be about ‘hope’


It seems that people want to have an “American Idol” conclusion to the presidential race, bringing a candidate up just to find out how fast they can chop them down. It has been done with each of the front-runners in the Republican Party (obviously not on the Democratic side because they have the incumbent, but it would be if the field were open). When a candidate is shown to have weakness, it is almost as if that candidate has been “voted off” as a presidential hopeful. The sound bite has become more important than the platform, and that should not be the case.

Our next hope is for a safe and happy year ahead. While 2011 had many shining moments, it was also a year when the region saw massive spring flooding, only to be followed by a tropical storm that battered the region and left many properties and lives damaged. Some, including Essex County Board of Supervisors Chairman Randall “Randy” Douglas, are concerned that a new year could bring more problems, and we hope that is not the case.

Our final hope is that the steps taken by the North Country Regional Economic Development Council and the state will start to turn the economy around. For a region that does not have a lot of trust in the name, the honeymoon period between it and Gov. Andrew Cuomo has appeared to extend throughout his first year in office. Cuomo has shown a concern for all parts of the state and has built trust with North Country delegates, which is something we hope will continue into the next year.

Happy New Year.

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