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Poisonous sense of humor

Myron Blanchard, the French Mountain Marathon runner, who won a hotly contested race at the fair grounds in Warrensburgh several years ago, made a bluff of suicide Dec. 23, 1911, giving his family a severe fright.

Blanchard had been drinking most of the week and on Saturday visited Glens Falls with his wife to do some Christmas shopping. Upon their return home they had a little tiff and Myron went to the cupboard, seized a package of Paris Green, bade his children goodbye and lying down on a couch and pretended — as he confessed later — to take a dose of the deadly stuff.

His wife summoned a doctor but his services were not needed. Blanchard says that he didn’t take any of the poison and was only making a bluff.

Horicon posse protects town

There has been another burglar scare in Horicon. Every night between 9 o’clock and midnight the streets of Horicon are paraded by a corps of merchants headed by Philetus Smith with an old flintlock lined up, M.C. Lackey with a Fourth of July pistol, Bill Johnson with an old broom handle and little Edson Smith with a lantern, each bent upon protecting his own property. Any lone pedestrian who has any business on the streets after 9 o’clock had better wait until the next morning before they transact it.

Motorcar collision injures citizen

In other Horicon news, Fred Parker is suffering from a lame back caused by an automobile accident of which he was a victim. While on his way to Chestertown in his Maxwell automobile with his son, Fred was driving the car. The machine collided with Mason Lackey’s automobile just the other side of the Starbuckville woods. Both of the chauffeurs were running their cars at a twelve-mile an hour clip until they came in sight of each other, then both slowed down. As they were about to pass, the wheels of Parker’s machine struck a piece of ice and skidded, throwing the left part of the machine in front of the other machine.

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