Moriah’s Scozzafava lauded for his efforts

To the Times of Ti:

As a non-resident property owner in two North Country communities, I have an opportunity to compare the effectiveness of leadership in identifying problems and the process of getting those solved. Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to vote.

For several years, in both the town of Moriah and the town of Fine bills have been sent demanding payment for non-potable municipal water.

In the town of Fine, directed by the New York State Department of Health, an annual letter is sent. It tells us that the drinking water Fine provides may cause cancer. They warn that, under penalty of law, we must inform all tenants that household water is not potable. Fine officials offer only contemptuous resentment that they are required by the state to inform the public. Never have they offered recognition that this water pollution is a public health issue which must be solved.

By contrast, with the leadership of guys like Tom Scozzafava, the town of Moriah has behaved differently. They have faced the same problem in our neighborhood. They understood the need for the municipality to provide good water. They sought grant money and low interest loans (available to Fine, as well). They brought in professionals to help design the best solutions. They have kept us informed.

Watching Scozzafava, one does not get the feeling that issues like getting drinkable water to residents and the hard work associated with it are just an inconvenience mandated by an arrogant state government.

Please accept our well deserved thanks.

Thomas J. Williams


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