Requested residency report presented to Essex County supervisors

— “I say that we give them to the end of the year to verify where they live,” Scozzafava said. “Why are we playing games with this? If these people were hired under the policy and then never moved here knowing the policy, then goodbye to them.”

“I understand the issues with what is an emergency and what constitutes a waiver, but I believe the policy is very clear when it comes to residency,” North Elba Supervisor Robert “Roby” Politi said.

County Manager Daniel Palmer added that he felt there were some areas where the policy was lacking.

“It says that the policy goes into effect after it is agreed to, which was in 2005,” Palmer said. “That would mean that, even if it was in place in 1987, the current policy only deals with anything after 2005. What do you do with people hired before that?”

County Attorney Daniel Manning said that he is already working on a new policy with stronger language to help clarify any gray areas, adding that he felt the current policy was “a mess.”

Board chairman Randall “Randy” Douglas said that he agreed that a more specific policy was needed.

“If the language is not strong enough, we need to make it stronger and then determine where to go with these people,” Douglas said.

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