Otis Bridge ‘haunting’ issue

To the Valley News:

Well it looks like the Otis Bridge issue has come back to haunt Elizabethtown Supervisor Noel Merrihew. In fact, looking back, his problems all started with the not-so-honorable way he handled the Otis Bridge issue. A real leader would have made a wholehearted effort to bring all parties together and try to reach a compromise. Instead, Merrihew, along with Councilman Phil Hutchins, alienated one party, which I believe has now cost Merrihew his job.

Since the election, all that we have heard from Merrihew is excuses and recently a degree of vindictiveness toward newly elected Margaret Bartley. For Ms. Bartley to win the election without support from the Republican Party in this Republican town, speaks volumes about how the majority of voters were fed up with Merrihew’s job performance.

To this day, I blame Merrihew and Councilman Phil Hutchins for their handling of the sewer project that, in the end, caused the town to lose $2 million in stimulus money. Their decisions caused unnecessary delays and time ran out for having a shovel-ready project. I have spoken with a former DEC employee and a member of Barton & Loguidice who have helped confirm my belief.

With the election of Margaret Bartley, I believe the people in this town are about to see a dramatic change for the better, and I for one believe it is long overdue.

Malcolm Martin


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