Merit, but stop whining

I’ll close this rant with some more direct opinions/ suggestions: Earn, save and invest; don’t expect a pension from any business or government and if you are lucky enough to have a good one don’t expect much of Social Security. Social security/Medicare/Medicaid should be just that-security; not a ticket to go on a Caribbean cruise. Health insurance should not be paid for by business. This is not the time to insulate individuals from a greedy financial monster. Each and every one should get a first hand taste of the ugly pilfering that is profiteering from human misfortune. If government chooses to cover its people, they should be equally and not lavishly covered. Government could be smaller or it could assume some private sector not-for-profit basis. All walks could share the work that there is to do a little more equally. The tax cap on capital gains and dividends is absurd; get rid of it and make the change retroactive to 2010. And, for Christ’s sake, get off the gas before we are all unable to afford bread. I’m suggesting that we lay off of the greed, share a little more, and stop trying to be so filthy clean when it comes to accepting risk.

Michael Peden


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