Willsboro's Sophie Clarke still in awe of 'Survivor' win

'Survivor' winner talks about her support from home

Sophie Clark

Sophie Clark Photo courtesy CBS Productions

— Clarke also got a chance to mention her hometown during the finale.

“It was so nice to mention Willsboro on national television when Jeff (Probst, the shows host) brought it up,” Clarke said.

Clarke said that she was able to use the skills that she learned growing up in the small town of Willsboro to her advantage during the show, including learning how to be a part of a group with different ideals.

“If you look at the alliance I created there, I had a pact with a rancher, a ‘dragon slayer,’ a dating coach and a 19-year-old with two kids, 50 tattoos and a wife. At times, it was hard group of people to be around.”

Clarke said that Willsboro helped her to mix with that variety of people.

“There’s not enough people to pick your friends,” Clarke said. “That was probably one of the weirdest alliances in Survivor history. I grew to really appreciate everybody out there. Willsboro helped with that.”

Clarke said that because of her alliance, the strategy was able to remain the same throughout the season.

“I realized I was in this alliance of people that were not going to go back on there word with me,” Clarke said. “I saw this very clear path to the final six. When I got there, it was like an onion; there were alliances within alliances, and I was fortunate to be a part of each one of them.”

While Clarke received a lot of support and well-wishes from Willsboro, she said that her friends at med school in New York City were a lot more aloof to her exploits.

“People in my medical school were not that into the show,” she said. “A lot of them really didn’t know that I was on it. They know now. It was nice to do my thing and go to class and study, on Wednesday night be on national television and then go back to being with my friends the next day.”

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