Republicans acted in ‘poor taste’

To the Times of Ti:

After reading the letter from Essex County Republican Committee Chairman Ron Jackson complaining about the cartoon titled “Republican Science,” I couldn’t help but laugh to myself!

Mr. Jackson thinks the cartoon was in poor taste and that the publication favors Democrats on the state and national scene! I have news for him, what is in poor taste is the way Republicans have treated the American people by their inaction to care for the needs of the middle class!

First we have the Republican controlled Congress failing to vote on our debt limit and appointing a “Super Committee.” This committee was made up of hand picked politicians who stated from the start that they would not under any circumstances change their positions! It was doomed from the start! This was a good example of “Republican Science!” It was due to the “Pledge of Allegiance” given to Grover Norquist by the Republican Party!

Never mind the pledge to our flag and to the people of the United States!

Mr. Jackson in his letter complained about the state’s 2 percent property tax cap and how it limits the North Country’s ability to pay better salaries to those in high positions! I take this to mean he would like to see higher property taxes on those who live in the North Country while his party refuses to raise taxes on the wealthiest!

Having it both ways is another example of “Republican Science” and it gets worse! Calling the cartoon a “cheap shot” attempt at humor was at the very least ludicrous! What was a “cheap shot” was the chiding of the publisher by saying “I know you are a registered Republican” and asking if he would be interested in taking on a supervisor’s job! As an avid reader of the Times of Ti and other North Country papers, I feel the publisher has been as non-partisan as one could be! There are times when I don’t agree with what I see published but thousands of Americans died so we could have a free press! Mr. Jackson should aim his anger over the cartoon at his party’s folly whether it is the debates or “Super Committees!”

Gary P. Guido


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