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Thanks for the letter to the editor last week and thanks for the promotion to editor. I’m sure John, Andy, Fred and Keith will be surprised.

Lighten up a little Ron. Remember “cartoons” are meant to poke fun. Last time around the beauty contest was on the Democratic side this time it befalls the Republicans. I’m not sure anyone other than the late night talk shows comedians and cartoonists enjoy this long drawn out process, so adding a little humor helps to keep things light.

You are right I am a registered Republican, but if you read any of my commentaries you know that I am very disillusioned with the party system and prefer to think of myself as Independent, one capable of looking past the party spin and selecting the best person for the job.

Locally, statewide and nationally, we need serious candidates to solve very serious problems. I see the both parties at fault for not helping America solve her problems and I think many American feel as I do. With party bias you can’t and won’t consider a nominee from the other side of the aisle regardless of their qualifications, nor will the parties work together to solve our problems because they are always too focus on the next election cycle getting their person in and making certain the other candidate is soundly defeated even if they’ve done a good job. Both parties have dug in their heels and refuse to cooperate when the other party is in power creating grid lock. As citizens we deserve better.

As evidence of that fact, look at your last statement asking me to consider running for supervisor in 2013. Margaret Bartley hasn’t even taken office in Elizabethtown yet and you’re looking to have her removed. Let’s give her our support and hope she is the best supervisor this town has ever had, because if she is we all stand to benefit.

Instead you and your counterparts will do everything possible to create unrest and that, my friend, is what’s wrong with our country today. Let’s fix what’s broken not break what we haven’t even taken out of the box yet, just because it’s not your box.

Dan Alexander

Publisher and taxpayer


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