Church questions county’s mealsite concerns

To the Adirondack Journal:

The Board of Trustees of the First United Methodist Church of Warrensburg would like to set the record straight regarding Warren County’s use of the church as a mealsite and the problems described in the Journal’s recent article “Warrensburg mealsite may move to Countryside Home.” The mention of the county leaving the site for reasons other than financial comes as a complete surprise to Roy Ross, president of the Trustees.

For many years, the church and the county have had a friendly relationship and have worked together to address any problems that have come up.

While the county has been using the facility, the church has added a bathroom to the lower level where the dining room is and installed a chair lift to the lower level, both at no cost to the county. Unfortunately, the high usage of the chair lift to the dining room burned out the motor so it can no longer be used. The repair of the chair lift is on the Trustees’ priority list waiting to be addressed.

Like any other organization in this economy, the church struggles to pay their bills on time. While the county pays 50 percent of the heating bill, 45 percent of the electric bill, and 50 percent of the plowing bill, these bills are paid on time up front each month by the church. The church then waits anywhere from 45 to 90 days for the county to reimburse the church for their share.

Under the contract with the church, the county is responsible for cleaning their area of the kitchen, the dining room, the storage areas, and the stairs down to the dining area. This is the area in which the mold was found. The outdated equipment in this area was installed by and belongs to the county.

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