Cartoon ‘in poor taste’

To the Valley News:

I have to admit that I thought your “cartoon” on Republican Science was in poor taste. I wasn’t surprised at it since I feel your newspaper – like most – favors the Democrats on the State & Nation scene. However, I do not believe your paper favors either Party on local issues. I will be truthful; I would have thought it was in poor taste even if it said “Democrat Science”. Let me explain why.

As a County Party Chairman I feel that my most important job is to get good quality people to run for Local and County positions. Let us look at the Supervisor’s position in almost any Town in the County. The pay is very low for the responsibilities it has and the amount of time it requires. Not only do you have the Town problems, but also you have to deal with the County problems. Both have been complicated by the State’s 2% property cap. You remember how that was sold by Albany: “We know we have to eliminate any new unfunded mandates and limit those unfunded mandates already in place.” How has that been working for the North Country?

So we have a poorly paid position with unrealistic constraints, impossible problems, the expectations that no matter what you do on any issue you will be making enemies. You have to cut programs you can, not those you might prefer. Now as a bonus, along with any other Politician, I open your paper and get a cheap shot attempt at humor. I know you are a registered Republican, we are looking for a candidate for Supervisor in your town for 2013. Are you interested Dan?

Ron Jackson


Essex County Republican Party

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