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To the Valley News:


I don’t think people believe in miracles nowadays. They think miracles are something they heard about in stories of long ago. In our world today, we’re all so busy and the news is mostly negative that we don’t realize the miracles that take place everyday.

I think of the infamous picture of Gen. George Washington kneeling by his horse in prayer before he led his troops into battle and I remember praying for the men of Apollo 13. The odds of both of these instances having a positive outcome could only have been miraculous. So many people were involved in these miracles (soldiers or engineers and the people who prayed for them).

So I want to tell you of a miracle that happened only two months ago in our very little part of the world that so many of you were a part of...

Our son was in a terrible tree accident in Hague. He was 30 feet up a tree and it crushed his abdomen. He had to climb down the tree and his dad rushed him to Moses Ludington emergency room in Ti. The ER staff knew he needed emergency care and contacted Fletcher Allen. They tried to airlift him but the weather was an issue. They were able to get the Lamoille ambulance and, even having to take the ferry, made it to Fletcher Allen in record time. The staff was waiting for their arrival and rushed him into the OR where they stabilized him and kept him alive. After they moved him to the ICU we were told that the first 48 hours could go either way. The doctors were amazed that he was still alive. As the word spread so many of you started praying and asking God to bless him…even people who did not know him personally.

So whether you were in the Ti ER, or the ambulance, EMTs, the Fletcher Allen staff or all of those who prayed for him, you not only saw a miracle but you were a part of one. Yes, miracles do happen everyday. So thank you all for being a part of Dayton’s miracle.

The family of Dayton Dedrick

P.S. Dayton is back to work and getting stronger every day.

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