Alcohol Industry, Bad Citizens

Kids Count

Previously, alcohol manufacturers infused alcohol drinks with caffeine. The net effect was to make young drinkers more alert and therefore more able to drink longer. The research was so damming that the lethal combination of caffeine infused alcohol drinks were no longer legal. This change was accomplished through the efforts of various watch dog groups and state attorney generals from across the country.

It seems to me that this victory could be a purchase from which to establish limits on the amount of alcohol allowed in a single drink. When unscrupulous tobacco manufacturers were targeting kids with their products, they were stopped. The alcohol manufacturing community is marketing to the same audience.

The tragedies connected to underage drinking are well documented and almost everyone knows a family touched by this tragic issue. These heart-wrenching tragedies are preventable; however, it will take the actions of many agencies and individuals.

Requiring alcohol retailers to age check every alcohol purchase is in place, law enforcement agencies have stepped up surveillance and enforcement activities around drinking and driving and underage drinking parties and a variety of agencies provide education to youth and their parents about the risks of underage drinking.

Perhaps it is simply time to outlaw these outrageously dangerous drinks that are being marketed to youth. I cannot think of one reason for alcohol regulators to allow the production of these lethal drinks to continue. The sale and proceeds of these lethal concoctions is an unworthy rational when balanced against the life of one young person or their family.

Remember all kids count.

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