Hearing: save jobs, spend on budget

— “We did meet with the county in November and talks did break down,” McGinn said. “The county walked away from the table, but I am willing to sit down again. But I really want you to look at this budget if you are going to start to take jobs away.”

McGinn said that he felt county cars for employees could be done away with and that the county should override the 2 percent tax cap if it meant jobs would be saved.

County Chairman Randall “Randy” Douglas responded to McGinn’s remarks with an invitation.

“The last time that we heard from the union, it was a letter that read that you were not authorized to re-open the contract negotiation,” Douglas said. “I’m willing to meet with you, Mike, and talk about the employee contract and negotiate. I will be in my office tomorrow morning and I hope that you will attend.”

“I plan to be there and take that challenge,” McGinn said. “I will be open to hear what they have to say.”

Other supervisors also chimed in on the union contract, which they have asked be reopened to look at the possibility of a pay freeze.

“I am hopeful that the union will take (Douglas) up on the offer,” Moriah Supervisor Thomas “Tom” Scozzafava said. “I believe that this county has been more than fair to the union and I do not think that it is unfair to ask the union to take a pay freeze for a year in order to save these 30 jobs.”

“I have to say that I believe the union is being selfish,” Keene Supervisor William “Bill” Ferebee said. “They need to come back to the table and take into consideration all of the employees that they are representing.”

Douglas also said that he felt that while he feels Gov. Andrew Cuomo is doing good things for the economy, he feels there is one area that needs to be addressed.

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