Does a flawless candidate really exist?

Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

President Obama has proven to be the type of president many thought he was, which was an inexperienced community organizer who lacked the executive skills to lead the country out of a struggling economy. Many hoped his promises, charismatic charm and political savvy would create another Camelot era in the country. Combine that with the feel good, lofty thoughts of placing a black man in the office as somehow making up for the way his race had been treated in the past would create a story book administration as only Hollywood could write. Unfortunately, that has not come to pass. Today we blame the man for everything that has gone wrong in the past three years and aside from his most staunch supporters, even criticize the few things that have gone right. With an approval rating that is one of the lowest ever recorded, President Obama’s best chance at a second term rests in the unknown facts surrounding the republican nominee that might derail their candidacy in the same way it did Cain’s untimely departure. 

But who is really to blame when any of these candidates fail to meet the high standards we’ve come to expect? Is the fault all theirs or do we share the blame for trying to make these men and women something they can not possibly be…. perfect in every aspect of their lives both personal and professional. Youthful indiscretions, poor decisions, hidden details, a dark side, criminal activity, a closet full of skeletons, or affiliations we deem unacceptable. Who can predict what fortunes or misfortunes await us in the next year as the presidential sweepstakes plays out again? But do these unattainable standards rest with the public or is it the media that takes an issue and blows it up beyond proportion. Americans gravitate to perceived winners and we are quick to jump onto and then back off the bandwagons based on the attention given by the media outlets. Like a scab, that we just won’t let heal, we continue to pick at it until it become far worse than when it started out.

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