Does a flawless candidate really exist?

Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

One has to wonder, with Herman Cain now withdrawn from the presidential race due to his drop in the polls and the excessive media coverage over several sexual allegations and scandals, can any of the prominent figures in government stand up to the trust and expectations of the American public? Cain’s support seems to have drifted over to Newt Gingrich who was criticized early in his campaign for actions in his personal and public life. Is all that now to be overlooked or will he now become the target for personal flaws?

Is there no one person let alone two candidates the public can agree has the undeniable right stuff and are able to stand up to the intense public scrutiny to lead this nation to a more stable economy and guide it through the ever changing world events? Do we really know, beyond seer perfection, what we expect from the individuals we place in the nation’s highest office?

When we look back over our past leaders few presidencies were without flaws both privately and professionally. From George Washington forward we’ve come to understand that our leaders are human with faults and short comings. Despite our desire to see them reach perfection the reality is none can truly measure up as the ideal candidate.

In this era of constant media surveillance, smart phone journalism and political spin masters is it any wonder we should be surprised or disappointed when these candidates fall short of the super-human demands we expect of them?

Is it too much to ask of our leaders that they be truthful, honest, hard working, fair, faithful, intelligent, loyal, god-fearing, respectable, even tempered, kind, understanding, tough and well spoken? Is it too much to ask a leader to not have a past criminal record, bankruptcy, sexual indiscretion, or harassment charge and above all not be egotistical or self centered while possessing a basic common sense that allows them to reach across political parties to solve the nation’s problems? Well that would depend on who you speak with, but it really shouldn’t be that much of a stretch to expect these individuals to be of solid character. But if you think about it and realize our most successful president in recent history was an actor it brings things into perspective. It may be far easier to play the role of a president than actually be one. President Reagan had his faults but he was able to lead the nation successfully. How much of what he accomplished was borne out of acting the role history will be the judge over time.

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