Thanks to Ironman supporters

To the Editor:

I was the captain of the volunteers of the bike aid station at the Wilmington firehouse for Ironman.

I would like to thank the more than 120 volunteers who came during the day and assisted.

Special thanks to the Wilmington Fire Department for allowing the event to be staged there.

Many thanks to Bill Skufca, Bill McGreevy, Steve Corvelli, Dean Antonucci, Ben Newell, Amy Peck, Tina Preston and Cliff Holzer, who represented the Fire Department; Roy and Becky Holzer from the Little Supermarket, who took care of the cost for the DJ and provided great lunches for all the volunteers; Doug Sequin for the DJ services; Linda Preston, breakfast chef and lunch organizer; Shannon and Matt Stanley and Bob and Karen Peters, who spent 10 hours assisting; and lastly, thanks to Toni Ashlaw, who almost single-handedly took care of a mountain of garbage. The job could not have been done without everyone working hard.

I know it is sometimes aggravating to share the road with the bikers while they were training. I also know that most of the racers were very appreciative of all that the volunteers do. Just check out the many thanks on the Ironman volunteer website.

Ironman donates to many charities in the towns where there are aid stations, the Wilmington Fire Department and the Wilmington Youth Ski program being just two of the recipients in Wilmington. This money stays in Wilmington for Wilmington people.

The much bigger picture is the thousands of people who come into the area to train, their families and friends, all spend money. Whether it is for hotels, food or other necessities, it is money that helps the economy.

Ironman is a million-dollar boost to a county that surely needs that boost.

Thanks again to all the volunteers who helped and thanks to all the drivers that dealt with the bikers.

Diane E. Kirby, Wilmington

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