A number of us met in Blue Mt. Lake recently (an article and picture was in our paper) to draw up battle plans. That area already has two certified technicians funded to work this year. As along waterways is a high priority, if there is money and time left they may come down here to treat the huge patch in North River right on the Hudson and the one at the depot which blocks the view of the river from the concert area.

When injection treatment is going to happen that year, it is important not to cut knotweed. Because new plants can grow from tiny pieces, mowing often increases the number of stems, though it also spreads underground very prolifically. Go to www.noknotweed.org for plenty of information on what it looks like, how the treatment works and more.

Our area needs to have and fund a certified herbicide applicator so we can handle our own knotweed, especially along the Hudson and other waterways. APIPP (ADK Park Invasive Plant Program), which I have been involved with since 1998, gave a substantial grant to Inlet for this effort. It is based in Keene Valley and is a very active, effective group run by professionals who have organized a number of volunteers from all over the Park to control many aliens on the loose in these beautiful Adirondack mountains. You (or your grandkid!) can google APIPP for an amazing amount of information about our unfriendly neighbors, the Big Green Aliens.

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