Mill Creek Musings

I’m not a control freak, but I do like to know where I’m going. So, in preparation for my first drive to Cooperstown, I consulted Map Quest and printed out directions. Everything went according to plan until we reached Fonda. We had only traveled a short distance on Rte. 5 when up ahead a police car was blocking the road.

The policewoman directed us to detour up a steep road. I was the lead car of three, and now I had no idea where I was going. When we came to the first turn off, the second car took it. I stopped at the next driveway to ask directions. The third car pulled up alongside and asked where we were headed. When I said “Cooperstown,” he replied, “Follow me.” So I did!

I thought of Jesus who commanded people to follow him, and they did! This unnamed man was my temporary savior. He took us through high farm country with lovely vistas of rolling green hills. When he slowed down, I also slowed because an Amish father and his small curly-haired child headed our way in a black horse-drawn buggy. He was followed by two older kids in a second buggy.

We reached an intersection and Jesus (I was calling him that for lack of a better name) stopped. I pulled up alongside. He said, “Keep following me.” I was a believer! The houses got closer together as we approached town. Once again my leader stopped and said we were in Ft. Plain. He pointed the direction to Cooperstown. His final words were, “All the locals take the high road.”

After thanking him, we parted ways. I was left with a very good feeling about the human race.

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