Winning is Just Human Nature, or Is It?

Kids Count

While I am not a Nobel Prize winner, I strongly disagree with Dr Watson’s premise that we cannot overcome the forces of self-interest and selfishness that lives in each of us.

Youth sport coaches want to win, players want to win and perhaps most powerfully, parents want their kids team to win.

Perhaps a better question might be, is winning at all costs acceptable. I believe that most of us are more like the fox than the scorpion although there definitely are scorpions among us.

As parents and fans, we can help coaches to do the right thing with young athletes. As parents and fans, notice when coaches do the right thing and let the coach know. As parents and fans focus on the fun of the game, young players trying their best to conquer their fear of failure and giving it their all is reason enough to enjoy the game.

As parents and fans, refrain from criticizing coaches or players in a losing game. Remember, these are young players learning the game so give them a chance to do so.

If you are connected in any way to youth sports, let your coach know that you appreciate that they approach coaching with a focus on learning the sport, everyone plays, fun is important and sportsmanship is held in high regard.

Coaches in youth sports that do not sacrifice their values to win at all costs will be teaching important life skills that their players will long remember well after their playing days are over.

Remember all kids count.

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