Government is broken

I am a 79-year-old military retired veteran. I served my country to the best of my ability. At that time, I had great respect for our United States Government.

What is happening to our country? Our government is broken. I never conceived this could happen. The situation worsens daily. We have representatives in Washington, who only have their own best interests in mind. They have no respect for the office of the President or the American citizens. This is proven out daily by their actions. Our problems are fast coming to a catastrophic conclusion.

Today, our country for the first time in history had it’s credit rating degraded. This does not appear to concern many of our elected representatives. They have gone on recess for the entire month of August. Recess is better known as a paid vacation. Recess is also a time when one can get away from Washington and forget all the problems resulting from their poor judgment. They should bow their heads in shame. The thirty one brave servicemen who gave up their lives on August 5, did not have the luxury of a recess. They were performing their duty as their country asked of them.

All problems are apparent, and our representatives are being paid to seek them out and correct them. May I call to your attention that Congress has a 82 percent unfavorable rating. I find this rating absolutely disgusting and nauseating.

When elections come, I am certainly going to take this situation into my voting consideration. Even at my age, I still have a good memory. In the meantime, I intend to speak to as many people as I can, write letters, emails, and spread the word as I see it. Trust me on this point, I shall be very active in all ways possible. Remember Seniors vote.

I love my country. I hope that those persons who I consider unworthy of their elected position will not mind the deserved publicity they will be receiving.

Edward Schiffler


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