The Logger deals with gettin’ old

I just feel like I want to wait a bit and I feel I’m in the clear with that choice. I don’t feel 50 is the do-all age, more than 48 or 53 are. I basically still feel like a young guy, invincible; and though I’d tell any young guy to beware of that feeling, I myself take solace in still feeling invincible at this age. Friggin’ makes no sense what I’m saying, does it?

However, you might remember a two-part column I did on my teeth. It was full of praise and wonder for them. I bragged about how my teeth look, but mostly went on about how they perform, which is, perfectly, for 50 years.

Since those columns, a little more than a month long ago, I’ve lost a part of a lower molar. Yup, about 20 percent of it, my dentist said.

When it happened, the affected area felt odd, but it wasn’t sensitive or sharp. But of course I alerted my dentist and he strongly suggested, after a thorough look-see, that I get a crown. He said he could fill it, but said that would only serve the tooth to and end that is similar to all the fixes our government leaders make—temporary. I opted 100 percent for the crown. No problem, my dentist said, it’ll be like new and should stay that way ‘til I kick.

So, here I was all about how my teeth were way above par, with nothing more than a few cavities filled through 50 years, when all of a sudden, ping, oops, busted.

I’ll get a colonoscopy, maybe because of the comments I got from folks saying I should. Or maybe I’ll get it because my tooth breaking is to me a small sign time is passing along, and that I should no longer trust the feeling of invincibility I have. Maybe because it’s the smart thing to do.

I’ll get one, just not right off.

Rusty DeWees tours Vermont and Northern New York with his act “The Logger.” His column appears weekly. Reach him at rustyd@pshift.com.

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