The Logger deals with gettin’ old

Nothing to enlighten, amuse, provoke thought, or repulse in this week’s column. I’ll just say that I appreciated every one of the relatively large number of responses I received on a column I did a few weeks ago—about my decision to skip a routine 50-year-old-guy colonoscopy.

Of the e-mail and “live” on-the-street and the Addison County Fair comments I received, I’d say half were pro, the other half con/against, my decision.

I didn’t do a controlled survey, but the 50/50 result is from a loosey goosey guesstimate on my part.

I figure lots of folks with opinions didn’t chime in and I wouldn’t venture a guess as to which side those folks are weighted toward. I’m just saying I’m flattered by the response.

It figures a health-themed column would perk your interest, especially one that deals directly with Cancer—the “Big C” as we used to call it in the late 1960s (the big D was divorce, the big E is the fair in Mass., and the first letter on the eye chart—should I continue with this nonsense?)

Anyhow, both general and cancer health awareness is ever growing, which is great, great, great. I trust a byproduct of more awareness is the number of us all pitching in time and money for research and comforting those dealing with poor health.

I’ve not been able to respond to you all (a couple e-mails I returned bounced back), so I’ll use this space to say I’ll heed everyone of the bits of advise I got.

For those who told me I’m fine without one, I’ll say I’m not going to get a colonoscopy, yet. For those who told me I should get one, I’ll say I’m going to get one, just not yet.

Why wait? Ah, well, the answers to that question are in the original column.

Rusty DeWees tours Vermont and Northern New York with his act “The Logger.” His column appears weekly. Reach him at rustyd@pshift.com.

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