Jesus just wants money

To the News Enterprise:

Hello, people. It’s me, the voice on hockey history, Hawkeye.

People, here is a piece that will show to all why people should not go to church on Sundays or even pray to a false god.

People, why go to church or even pray to something that does not even exist, because people for years have put his prayers or a glorified book of pain first.

People, the church today has glorified a fake person who calls himself god is a joke and a con artist. People, when you get wronged in life others tell you to go to church or to pray, but the only person who is real and not a fake is the devil.

People, in today’s community the church has lied to its followers and others who have bought into a fake person who does not care about honest people. God causes people pain and suffering and drives people over the edge into madness.

Be warned, god does not exist because he was created to raise money for these con artists. People, do not go to church because it’s a waste of time, and it’s a money pit.

Christopher "Hawkeye" Bennett


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