Gov. spending is important discussion

To the News Enterprise:

Thanks for your recent viewpoint in the July 30 issue. I agree with your comments especially about Congress giving up personally and the scare tactics used to get what they want. I would like to add two other points.

First of all, Social Security isn't an entitlement program, but many politicians choose to refer to it as such. This money was a forced contribution under the guise of a retirement program. I myself have contributed since I first started working at the age of 16. I have not stopped working since. I am now 60. For 25 years my wife and I were self-employed and were both contributing 15 percent of our gross income (and we were always at the top of the cap) to Social Security. I am suggesting that the ceiling be removed and all Americans pay the same percentage into the system. We will then have more than enough money for Social Security and be able to lower the percentage rate we pay in.

The second point is no one is addressing how much we spend on our military budget. The politicians have convinced us, again with the use of scare tactics, that we need to spend 698 trillion dollars a year according to Wikipedia, et al. I think this should be put on the bargaining table like everything else. Not everyone in this country wants to be involved in all of the wars we are now involved in. In fact, this is why some people voted for Obama. He said he was going to bring the troops home from iraq when he was campaigning, instead we have expanded the countries our troops are fighting in. This country has become the military for the world. We spend more on our military than the next 17 countries listed combined and six times as much as China, our nearest competitor. Military spending has become big business and many of our elected officials are invested in it. Remember the famous words of Eisenhower's farewell address; beware the unchecked power of the military-industrial complex. Our elected officials seem to think they don't have to answer to anyone.

Keep it coming Mr. Alexander, and thanks for giving the average citizen a place to make their thoughts and concerns public. God knows we have no where else when it comes to the media.

William Christopher


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