Disagrees with letters

To the Times of Ti:

I rarely comment on letters written by others because I passionately believe that they have as much right to their opinion and I do mine. However, there have been a couple letters that I don’t believe the authors would have written had they thought a little deeper on what they were advocating. I feel a need to rebut those letters.

One writer suggested that the signs in town should be taken down. Freedom of speech comes in all forms. So it seems strange to me that while she is expressing her view in a public forum called a newspaper, she is trying to deny others the right to express their views in signs which are also a form of public forum. Got to disagree with this writer.

Another writer indicates we should just accept the board’s decision because we elected them to make our decisions for us. Excuse me? I don’t remember giving anybody the right to decide to take away my right to vote. I must agree whole-heartedly with another writer on this one when she rightly bemoaned the fact that “so many folks in my town were willing to cede their rights and duties, who don’t grasp the concept of personal responsibility...” I might add that the danger of mindless obedience of people who cannot think for themselves is prime breeding grounds for power-grabbing people. We have already seen a good example of that. I rest my case on that one, too.

I would hope that these same writers will use their freedom of speech to once again express their opinions when they get their new assessments and find they have increased despite the fact the market value of their homes is about half of what it used to be.

A very wise man, in his capacity as a councilman, once said “Don’t mess with the rights of the townspeople.” He was a man who loved his town and gave selflessly of himself and his money. At one time or another he was not only a councilman, but a justice of the peace, a constable, volunteer fireman, chairman of a Republican committee and well-known and respected businessman for many years. He was my father-in-law...Ned Spaulding.

Nancy Spaulding

Crown Point

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