Upset by marriage story

To the Editor:

Yes, I’m 61 years old. - No, I don’t have my head stuck in the sand. I keep up with current events and try to have my virtual finger on the pulse of those who are concerned citizens, young and old.

To say I was appalled at the “State Hopes Gay Marriages Will Boost Tourism” article sprawled across one of the very center pages of the Times of Ti is an understatement! To see the I Love NY heart in rainbow colors representing our Gay Pride was more than I could stomach.

I am not homophobic, but I am a firm believer in the traditional definition of marriage. God defined marriage in Genesis 2:21-25. Not only did he define it: He created and manufactured sex to be between a male and a female to provide true intimacy and to produce offspring.

For our NY governor to ram the redefinition of marriage through the House and Senate and then boast about the fact that every town clerk had to be willing to certify amoral marriages or lose their jobs was a travesty. And then to read that this was not just the desecration of biblical and moral values but an attempt to “boost tourism” by having homosexuals flood our state? Need I say more? I’m ready to move. This is beyond belief.

I’d love to hear what others in the area are thinking about this. In my opinion, “we the people” deserve the right to vote on this issue as a proposition as the folks in California and Maine did - and let our congressmen and governor know how we truly feel!

Betsi Calhoun

Schroon Lake

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