Saddened by BCSD controversy

I am an elementary teacher in the Beekmantown Central School District. Over the past few months, this is not something that I have wanted to shout out from the rooftops due to misinformation and negativity that has clouded the district that I call home.

It has been quite heart-breaking to listen and watch as the reputation of our wonderful school has declined.

I had the opportunity to attend a grant-funded conference with 15 of my colleagues. Elementary Principals Matt Slattery and Garth Frechette joined us for the week-long training. This experience reminded me of some hugely important details.

It reminded me of the phenomenal staff who work at BCSD. It reminded me that we teachers will continue to learn and strive to be the best teachers that we can be for our students. It reminded me how passionate we are when it comes to teaching. It reminded me that Garth Frechette will do a great job at Cumberland Head Elementary School because he is amazing. It reminded me that Diane Fox will do a great job at the High School because she is amazing.

It reminded me, most importantly, that budgets will pass and fail, School Board members will be voted in and voted out, and the seasons will continue to change.

One thing is certain in all of the chaos and uncertainty: The students will come in September, and we will teach them. We will teach them with passion, love and dedication because that is what teachers do ... we teach. And for that, I am extremely proud.

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