Disgusted with board’s decision

Although most of the community is sick of it, the events at Beekmantown Central School have brought up an interesting comparison.

Parents, your children are better behaved than you are. The proof? The way these two groups have reacted to the budget issue and more recent principal switcheroo.

How did the students react? We asked questions, sought information and facts, engaged in open dialogues with our peers, drafted letters to the board, attended meetings, and those of us 18 or older voted (without teacher influence, I might add).

The parents? They voted. And sure, they were at the meetings. But, they turned a procedurally run meeting into a shouting match between community members. This is to say nothing of those who decide to storm out.

Now, in all fairness, I did leave the April 12 budget proposal meeting early but not because of the board's actions. I left, without need to make everyone aware that I was doing so, thanks to the zoo that the unbridled adults had established in that auditorium. I've got to admit, the ones with the least influence in this situation — the students — are handling it much better than the adults in this community (barring one purposeless student-organized sit-in).

This is not to say that every parent in the district is behaving this way or that every student is, either. But, on the whole, the adults in this community are behaving in such a way that you would think they were the ones still in grade school.

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