New bus routes for Mary Hogan School

— Times for bus routes can vary by several minutes, depending on traffic, construction, and ridership.

Students should be at their bus stop at least five minutes earlier than the published time.

P/U = Pick Up

D/O = Drop Off

Blue Bus 769

(Driver TBA)

A.M. Route

7:20 Right on Route 116: P/U west side to Carrara’s turnaround

7:25 Route 116N: P/U east side to town line (including Lindale Tr Pk)--turnaround

7:35 Route 116S: P/U west side to Mead La.

7:40 Mead Lane

7:45 Right on Quarry Road: P/U north side

7:55 MUHS

8:00 MUMS

8:05 Mary Hogan

P.M. Route

2:55 Depart Mary Hogan

3:00 MUHS

3:10 MUMS

3:20 Quarry Road: D/O south side

3:30 Right on Route 116: D/O west side to Carrara's turnaround

3:35 Route 116N: D/O east side to town line (including Lindale Tr Pk)--turnaround

3:45 Route 116S: D/O west side

3:50 Mead Lane

3:55 Right on Quarry Road (no D/Os)

Red Bus 90

(Driver TBA)

Mary Hogan students only

A.M. Route

7:35 Quarry Road: P/U south side

7:40 Lindale Trailer Park

7:45 Turnaround at gravel pit

7:47 Mead Lane

7:50 Right on Butternut Ridge

7:53 Right on Mead Lane

7:55 Intersection of Rolling Acres & Quarry Rd.

8:05 Mary Hogan

P.M. Route

2:55 Depart Mary Hogan

3:02 Quarry Road: D/O south side; intersection of Rolling Acres & Quarry Rd.

3:06 Lindale Trailer Park

3:08 Mead Lane

3:11 Right on Butternut Ridge

3:15 Right on Mead Lane

Green Bus 62

(Scott Bougor, driver)

A.M. Route

7:10 Route 30 to Fifield Farm

7:15 Left on Morse Road

7:20 Left on South Street Ext.

7:25 Onto Main Street: Left on Seymour St.Ext.

7:30 Woodbridge/Pine Meadow Apts (all students in K-12)

7:35 Back to Seminary Street Ext.

7:40 Foote Street

7:42 Lower Foote Street

7:45 Right on Route 7N

7:48 Stonegate Drive

7:55 MUMS

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