Life, unions, and the pursuit of happiness

From the Editor

“These people are looking for handouts and think everybody owes them something. Here is a news flash for those people: no one owes you anything. If you want something you need to go out and earn it. Those that feel they are owed more than they get should go find it,” Jamail said.

Some readers may not agree with Jamail on this subject, but he honestly believes that if you feel you need union representation at your workplace, you probably don’t need a union representative—you need a new job.

Perpetuating or protecting yourself on a lousy job by making demands on your employer will not make you or your employer happy, he said. In fact, such antagonisms only create mistrust and a whole host of work-related problems. The root problem is fear. Fear of losing a job you probably don’t even like.

I may not agree with all of Jamail’s criticisms of unions, but I do concur with his overall premise—that of finding meaning and happiness through work.

“Life is too short to be miserable. Don’t let fear or frustration on the job control your decisions.” Jamail said. In short, be happy in what you do.

So, don’t let the current economy be an excuse to feel miserable or remain stubborn. We all know that things will turn around; happy days will be here, again.

Your next job may be one you create yourself.

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