Field Days, zucchini bread, and running for the U.S. Senate

Last week, I stepped foot on the magnificent Addison County Fairgrounds for half-a- minute and I found myself engaged in conversation with a pretty as an early-August-sunset young gal from Middlebury (she now lives in Tokyo). She’s with her daughter who—I guess—is age three or so. The gal notices my humor books stacked on the merchandise table and mentions a Logger column of mine that she read in the Addison Eagle newspaper recently. “It was about teeth,” she said with a smile.

I ask her what the average height of people are in Tokyo, (a little taller then her - she’s not too tall) and how crowded it feels in the city, (not too crowded) and if the Japanese food there is much different then what we get for Japanese food here (yes, much better)?

Our chat saves me a trip to Tokyo. She is lovely. I hope she and her family live well. I hope she succeeds. She hopes I succeed.

Not three beats after she and her child walk away, the zucchini-bread lady turns up in front of my booth.

Mrs. Zucchini Bread’s husband trails, toting the family’s Field Days survival pack. I could riff to a comedic effect on its contents, but your guess is as good as mine as to what it contains. In 60 seconds, she, me, and her hubby catch up on the past year.

The zucchini-bread lady bakes me several loaves of zucchini bread every year during fair week. This year, I see she’s using a cane to walk. She holds it up to accent her explanation. “I had an operation on my foot,” she said. She tells me the tendons in her toes froze up and they went in and cut them. The progression to pain-free walking has been slow, but she’s gaining strength. She’ll deliver the loaves tomorrow. What a very nice gesture. I hope she and her hubby live well and see many more Addison County fairs. I hope they succeed; they hope I succeed.

Rusty DeWees tours Vermont and Northern New York with his act “The Logger.” His column appears weekly. Reach him at rustyd@pshift.com.

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