Restore honor in Crown Point

One more thing that should say it all… on June 21 at a 2 p.m. meeting, Tom Walters asked the supervisor this question: “Why would you want to take away their right to vote for the assessors?” Kosmider’s answer: “Because we can!” Chills went up my spine. What arrogance! What contempt for the voters! This verbal exchange is said to be on tape.

Before I close, I would like to comment on a July 23 Times of Ti editorial. Some good points were covered, but the use of the word “courageous” describing the Crown Point board’s decision, I feel, was less than appropriate. Courageous is a member of our military who faces death in battle to keep us safe, a firefighter running into a burning building or police officers risking their lives for another. The decision of the town board was an act of cowardice because they feared the outcome of a referendum. Thus the above words I mentioned, “Because we can,” do a great disservice to those who really are courageous. The overuse of such words lessens the importance of their meaning.

I hope you all will think about these and other actions of the board members and ask the question: Is it personal dislikes or agendas afoot?

I will pray for guidance, truth and justice for all of us and for them. Please join me.

Restore honor!

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