Restore honor in Crown Point

To the Times of Ti:

A dark cloud has come over Crown Point recently when the town supervisor and two town board members passed a local law confiscating our right to vote for town assessors. I say confiscating because they rammed through their vote in spite of what appeared to be at least 2-1 public outcry against it. The excuse was a perceived necessity, being financial costs, a tool used by Communism to take away our rights and eventually take complete control of our lives through government.

The following are questions raised by information passed on to me:

  1. If finances were the real excuse, why was a government grant for $117,000 to repair the Monitor Bay dock wall, to be matched by Crown Point, not addressed? The funds were said to be in our accounts.

  2. Why was the Crown Point Court House project not completed? It is said the time limit for receiving more funds may have expired. If so, will we get stuck with the remaining bills?

  3. Why is the Monitor Bay Park said to be losing money? It is said to have taken in $39,000 last year and incurred nowhere near that in expenses.

  4. Why do we have up to possibly $19,000+ in legal fees, not including the last two meetings at the fire house, one of which I’m told it was not necessary to have the attorney present. If these figures are accurate, they are close to four times that of the highest previous supervisors’ legal outlays.

If these are all legitimate questions, the assessor issue is a drop in the bucket savings. The records are said to be available to substantiate this information.

I’m not accusing anyone of anything. I have no animosity toward the board members or the assessors. But I do think these are valid questions. I’m not judging the town board or the supervisor, but I do judge their actions and motives.

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