Reenactors feel slighted

To the Times of Ti:

Recent publicity would have one believe all is well at Fort Ticonderoga! Nothing could be further from the truth as recent events have proved!

In June of 2010 the streets and businesses of Ticonderoga were filled with reenactors! Local residents had a hard time finding elbowroom in our restaurants and diners and this was fine for the reenactors brought revenue to our community! This past June there was hardly a notice of reenactors as many boycotted the activities at the fort due to bad feelings between them and the staff!

It is no secret to the townspeople of Ticonderoga that something is amiss at the fort and public relations have been badly tarnished. Reenactors have been slighted by remarks made by top staff members! Remarks with regard to the form of dress and materials used by reenactors have played a large roll in the boycott being waged by these people who are volunteers and have given of themselves for many years. These people bare the cost of lost wages, costumes, travel and lodging to perform for the public! They are professionals in every sense of the word as they strive to be authentic when reenacting what took place during our early history.

They certainly don’t need someone on staff at Fort Ti telling them how to dress and behave and they deserve an apology! Soon there will be a reenactment at Crown Point and these reenactors plan on being there to participate! It has been my privilege to know several reenactors and I thank them for their devotion.

After discussing this matter with long standing members of the Ti community I can say my view is shared and agreed on! Those in charge at Fort Ti need an adjustment in attitude and need to apologize to the reenactors and the community! If this isn’t done, perhaps the town could entice these reenactors to show their skills using our parks outside the fort, and thank them for their efforts and contributions to our economy!

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