Railroad has responsibility

To the Times of Ti:

I was appalled to read the article about the train collision with the Dodge Dakota pick-up in Ticonderoga. The audacity to insinuate that the driver of the truck was at fault and that the railroad has no responsibility is incomprehensible. How dare you?

I live at a private crossing with seven homes. Have you taken the time to see how much traffic is generated in just one day from those homes? This traffic can and does include fuel trucks, construction vehicles, tractors, emergency vehicles and family vehicles to name only some.

This crossing has had so many close calls, we have lost count. This is because of your total disregard for safety and welfare of human life.

You do not maintain the cutting of vegetation for the proper view of oncoming trains and work trains. You say that, '”whistling is not required.” Do you know how important whistling is to us? You whistle at a crossing with arms, how sensible is that? We have no protection. Amtrak is very fast and very quiet and most people do not realize when you hear the train you are out of time.

You could stop these close calls with a simple whistle or some type of light to let us know that your hundreds of tons of steel is approaching. You could trim back the vegetation so that we don’t have to drive right up to the tracks and strain to see if a train is coming.

You are totally to blame for these tragedies and you, the railroad need to step up and apply some simple corrections to a very serious problem. We have approached you many times pleading for help and even offering our assistance to help keep people safe while crossing the tracks and it always falls on deaf ears.

If this continues to go on unaddressed I fear there will be more accidents that may even involve fatalities. When you are in charge of the awesome power on those rails, you need to be a responsible guardian of this power as well. Please do something before anyone else is maimed or, God forbid, killed. Most people think they can hear a train coming miles away, those are the people we worry about the most. Do something now.

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