Board sold the right of voters

To the Times of Ti:

Your right to vote is priceless, yet Bethany Kosmider and her Town Board henchmen Patnode and Dushane managed to sell the votes of the 1,371 registered Crown Point voters for $9.60 each. How so? According to Kosmider, NYS will bestow a one-time $7 per parcel stipend to towns that convert from an elected to a sole appointed assessor system.

The appointed assessor, serving a six-year term, will answer to the Town Board rather than to the voters. You have to ask yourself what strings might be attached from the benevolent NYS to influence (or control?) the assessments in the Adirondack Park…

A straw poll show of hands at the July 6 standing-room-only public hearing on the matter revealed support for a mandatory referendum by about a 2:1 margin. For the Crown Point voters, the issue was not about the three vs. one assessor system per se, but rather appointed vs. elected. What next decision will our vote be sold out for by Mother Government?

In the July 23 Times of Ti editorial, Kosmider’s decision on this was touted as “courageous.” Clinging to her pet lawyer (at what cost in legal fees to the Crown Point taxpayers?!) in order to facilitate stealing the right to vote from Crown Point citizens is not, in my opinion, an act of courage. Come November, we must not allow the perpetrators of this atrocity to continue to reign. Last I knew, we still have the right to that vote.

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