A return to our core values

Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

We need the government to work for everyone while providing each of us the freedoms we value and opportunity to create the type of life that fits each citizen’s personality.

Every society has its overachievers and underachievers, and sometimes underachievers become overachievers and vice versa. It’s called motivation, and it’s what makes our world go around. Without motivation or a strong sense of self drive, what will spur creativity and production?

Like it or not, this country is based on capitalism. Capitalism rewards the risk takers and entrepreneurs and is the basis for many of the freedoms we enjoy. We’ve always been a very competitive society, but with advances in technology and a growing global economy, more countries have adopted a form of our economic system. Combine that new aggressive competition with a less then united effort from this country and the results speak for themselves. We’ve lost our collective focus.

At this point in time, given the recent debt deliberations, downgrading of the country’s credit rating by S&P, the political blame game coming out of Washington, and the stock market plunging over 600 points as I’m writing this on Monday, I think we can all agree, that things aren’t working well at all. What absolutely does need to work at this point is finding solutions to reach across the aisle without digging in our heels. Do we really care who’s right or wrong, or do we want our leaders to set a course correction to put some confidence back into our economy? Regardless of your personal perspective, I think most of us would choose the latter.

Vilifying the opposition in place of respecting their position and seeking common ground may seem the best course for those on the fringes of our political system, but I’m convinced cooler headed centrists who make up the majority of our country must step forward and prevail if both sides can agree to reason fairly and think about what best for the country not what best plays to their corresponding political base.

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