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This month, I’m going to have you take your workout outside — it is the summer after all. Find a field, football or soccer fields work, but any field will do. This workout has been designed to rev up your metabolism and get your body into fat-burning mode.

Start with a brief warm up of about 5 minutes by walking the perimeter of the field. Then, start this workout:

Beginners do round No. 1, Intermediate and Advanced do rounds No. 1-3.

Round No. 1

Lap 1

Walking Lunges (long section)

Walk (short section)

Lap 2

Jog (long section)

Traveling squats (short section)

Lap 3

Sprint (long section)

Walk (short section)

Round No. 2

Repeat Round No. 1 and add 10 pushups at each corner

Round No. 3

Repeat Round No. 1 and add 1-5 burpees at each corner.

Cool down by walking the perimeter of the field and then stretch.

Please remember to get approval from your doctor before starting any exercise program. If you are not sure how to perform any of these exercises, please seek the help of a qualified fitness professional.

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