Helping Elmore SPCA

The Elmore SPCA, which serves all of Clinton County, is in need your immediate assistance. Presently, the shelter is filled to overflowing with over 65 cats and kittens. These homeless animals are just the tip of the cat population explosion. Daily, people call the shelter frantic about what to do after discovering abandoned and homeless kittens along with mother cats barely out of kitten hood themselves. The animal rescues throughout the North Country are bursting at the seams with unspayed or unneutered cats and a steady stream of kittens…the terrible consequences of irresponsible cat ownership. Litters of kittens have been born this spring, and continue to be born.

Unfortunately, many are destined to have a short life full of sickness, malnutrition and even starvation without intervention. As a shelter we have taken in many more cats and kittens this year then normally due to flooding, hoarding, abandonment, and surrenders. The cat/kitten overpopulation issue is not only a tragedy in Clinton County but is repeated in every part of the nation annually.

The costs of spaying, neutering, vaccines, medications, and veterinary care have severely impacted our financial resources. We are asking you for donations of any amount. We are also in dire need of canned cat food and dry kitten food to feed the shelter’s kittens and cats. Please help us so we can help them.

Monetary contributions may be made directly through our website www.elmorespca.org and by mail to Elmore SPCA, PO Box 686, Peru, NY 12972. The Post Office requires the use of the PO Box for all SPCA correspondence. Donations of canned food and dry kitten food may be dropped off at the shelter located at 510 Arthur Road. If pickup is needed please call 534-3484. We thank you in advance for any assistance.

If you are looking for a sweet cat or kitten please visit the Elmore SPCA. If you can foster kittens or a cat or two please call Kc at 643-2451. That would do much to alleviate the crowded conditions at the shelter and get our cats and kittens into caring homes.

The Board of Directors and staff are very grateful for the continued generosity of individuals, businesses, civic groups, churches, and school organizations. It is your financial support that allows the SPCA to provide shelter and sustenance to homeless, abandoned, and abused animals until they are adopted into loving, lifetime homes.

Carol M. Solari-Ruscoe

Elmore SPCA Board of Directors


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