Meet another Vermont monster

Creature claimed to live in the Conn. River

— Then in 1895 the S.S. History of Lordship reported that crew members on the steamer Richard Peck noticed, “a coiling motion and the sea monster, as such it must have been if what they say is true, dove out of sight, first raising its head as if it had not been aware of the approaching steamer and had been disturbed from peaceful slumber.”

There is something unusual about Lordship because again the History of Lordship reports that in 1896 a sea serpent with pea green whiskers passed down Long Island Sound. “He was plowing through the water at a 25 knot clip --- and left a wake of foam behind him a mile in length. He was easily 200 feet in length and his head was reared 20 feet above the brine.”

It seems our Connecticut River monster then became bashful for some 100 years. Maybe part of its reclusive time was spent in the nearly mile long Hog River tunnel under Hartford. The Hog River flows 30 feet under the city in a 30-foot-high by 45-foot-wide tunnel made of reinforced concrete that is just over a mile long and runs between the Capitol and Armory buildings to the Connecticut River. Those few brave souls who have canoed the river tunnel say, ''The darkness and the dripping and the echoes -- it's like a chance to go to a kind of alien world.'' We may never know for sure but it’s possible.

Then in 1994, according to an official of the Main Street Museum in White River Junction, Vt., “in the waters just off of Lyman Point in White River Junction, where the White River meets the Connecticut River... an extraordinary monster was seen frolicking. First reports gave indication that some cousin, or closer relative of Champ, Lake Champlain’s aquatic apparition, had somehow found its way onto the eastern half of our beautiful state.”

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